Princess Carmela

Princess Carmela
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Hey losers. I'm still pretty new to all this but I kinda feel like I was born for it LOL. I've always been dominant with my boyfriends and basically walked all over them. I even kind liked hurting them (whether they wanted me to or not! lol) and so when I heard about this sh*t I was like, "Seriously?? I can get PAID for that?? LOL sign me up! I wanna be a 'Mean Girl'!" So I did and I LOVE it! I even got my real-life BF involved so he can help me REALLY degrade losers by making them serve BOTH of us as a COUPLE! HAHAHA!!! It's fucking hilarious that we can go on dates and literally just use losers to pay our tab for us. And then I can literally spit in their face and kick...
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