Boyfriend Reduced to a Lowly Foot Slave

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Description: After coming home from a long day at work, Koko’s boyfriend has a few surprises waiting for him. Koko has been feeling that she is not being treated as a Princess deserves, and so she has decided to take him down a notch… well maybe a few notches, to the status of her lowly foot slave. Once of the opinion that women’s feet were ugly, smelly and generally disgusting, now the loser boyfriend will be trained to worship her feet as relics of a Princess. Hooded, blindfolded, and hands bound, he is learning the true definition female dominance, and his new role as her slave. As Koko’s foot slave, he is forced to lick every inch of her stilettos clean, as well as suck on the heels as a sign of his obedience and devotion to her. As if this were not humiliating enough, Koko orders him to then kiss, lick and suck on her feet while wearing seductive silk stockings. No match for Koko's Asian Persuasion and iron will, he is both repulsed and aroused. But as with all men, he is ruled by his dick, and is ultimately broken and brain washed to love his new role and begs for more... more shoes, more feet! He simply cannot control himself! “Don’t be a greedy my little pig” Koko barks, as she pulls away her foot away, teasing and denying him as he begs and pleads for more of his new addiction. The lame ass BF is now willing to do just about anything she says to stay in Koko's good graces and is thrilled to learn that this will become a nightly ritual and he'll be worshipping her feet for years to come.
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