Princess Kimber Lee - Ice Queen

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Description: I have finally captured you in held tied you up in my lair and there’s no way you can hurt people anymore! You are completely weak and powerless and you can’t even move unless I allow you. It’s impossible for me not to tease you. Showing off my sexy long legs and round peachy butt. It seems to make you more and more weak the more I touch my sexy body. After some begging, I finally give in and let you kiss the bottom of my toe. My mind becomes instantly scrambled and I can’t seem to think straight. Once I feel the heat overcoming my cold Ice Queen body, I know I messed up. I collapse onto the ground and begin melting, You evil Villain! how could you be so cruel and make the one and only Ice Queen turn to water!!
Categories: Femdom POV
Models: Kimber Lee
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