British Bratz - Pay or Display

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Description: If u r stupid enough 2 purchase this clip, it can only mean that u are stupid enough to partake in the new game I have lined up 4 you. The rules are pretty simple really. You’ll send me 5 humiliating photos attached 2 a very honest & brutally frank email confessing all of your crippling fetishes and depraved desires. You will compose this confession as you watch the clip 2 give you that added incentive. Once your email has been sent, you’ll then email me your F*cebook, Tw*tter & any other social media logins u have and in addition, you’ll email your personal email login. You are then free to sit back, carry on as usual (jerking your life away to my clips) & await contact. It may be one day, it may be one month, but contact WILL come. By this time, I (or more likely one of My minions) would have changed all of your login details, taken full control of your accounts & will be ready 2 inform you of your new payment plan. You will pay and pay, & then pay some more. And you’ll either continue 2 fund my greed, in perpetuity OR the real you will be put on (VERY) public display!
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