Goddess Lanie - What You Really Want

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Description: You're back for more, you just can't get rid of the addiction. You need a Goddess like me to expose you to what you've been hesitant to admit all along. YOU LOVE COCK. Plain and simple, there's no way around it. You crave it, you dream of it, you long for it. You won't get enough until you've fully experience the amazingness and glory of it all. You NEED it and I give it to you. I'm your motivator, your cheerleader as I push you to explore more and more of your cock addiction. You won't have a choice but to be exposed to all that I'm about to show you. Deep down you've wanted to give in all along, but I'M the one who's going to make it happen. Watch in a trance as you marvel at what YOU could be doing right now if you give into your addiction in real life
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