Bratty Bunny - Brutal SPH Ultra Tease CEI

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Description: Custom – names edited out – I’m going to be brutally honest about your dick. I’m looking at your pictures. It’s so small. If you were a real man, you could have a hot chick like me. You aren’t one of those guys. Life is different for you. You have a clit-dick. It’s so small it’s a clit. I’m not going to be nice, but you get a nice sheer bodysuit to look at while I humiliate you into a little nothing. Worth it. SO much humiliation. You need to face it. Take it in. I’m being completely honest. I’ll tell you what a real man is and does. What he has between his legs. Tease you more and more about until until your basically gay. I bet you would suck cock for me. Even when your hard, you’re not big. You’ll never be big. What do you even do with this little thing? HAHA! I will tease you for being in fear of being outed in the locker room. Imagine people knew about your dick size? They would laugh so hard! Any I’m sure you’ve tried (try is the key word there) have sex before. I’m sure you can’t do a lot of positions since you just slip out. You’ll never give a woman an orgasm with that tiny clit-dick. You only need a finger and thumb to jerk it with. Like, it’s not even big huge cocks that a superior to you, it’s just normal average guys!! Size does matter, loser. I think the only thing left to do for you is to eat your own cum. To seal the deal with how pathetic you really are as a male.
Models: Bratty Bunny
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