Jasmine Mendez LatinAss Locas - Dirty Fart Sniffer

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Description: Perv Gets caught sniffing my panties so is forced to endure & eat up big wet nasty farts as punishment thru 3 stages of clothing. Theres a lot of HOT humiliation talk & a ton of HOT anal pumping that goes on. ALL REAL NASTY FARTS Custom: Story: you have a son and I am his friend. You walk into your room and find me sniffing your panties from the hamper. You immediately get angry and force me onto my knees. You grab the back of my head and push me into your ass and tell me to smell/kiss the real thing etc. as punishment, you walk to the bed and get on all fours, fart, and tell me to come sniff it. Once I am behind you, you start farting on me, and are very verbal with it. You eventually make me lay down and sit on my face & fart. You go from your yoga pants to booty shorts to nothing. Every few farts you tell me to open my mouth and create a suction around your asshole etc
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