Bratty Bunny – Ruined And Denied 2 Times

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Description: Start the clip teasing me with your beautiful body getting me all worked up explaining how I am going to get an amazing release an u do your jerking gestures. When it gets 2 the 5th minute u explain how you have changed your mind and that I am still going to get a release just not as I expected and how your going 2 make me ruin my orgasm, you’ll then give me a 10 second cum countdown but will explain that when you reach 1, I will let go & let it dribble out ruining my orgasm & laugh as it happens. Pretty much straight after you will say how you feel bad n that you felt sorry for me and that u have decided to give me an enjoyable release & order me to start stroking again, teasing me with your amazing body using your jerk off gestures. Maybe include some ball busting if you feel as though u want too and when u get near the end of the clip you keep teasing and decide to give me a cum countdown from 10 to 1. When you reach 1 it becomes the interesting part I leave it completely up 2 you whether u want to be cruel and order me to ruin a second orgasm or whether u want to completely deny me. The fate is in your hands.
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Models: Bratty Bunny
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