The Laughing Latina - Jasmine Mendez - Shrimp of a Man

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Description: My Seattle Fanboy has invited me to dinner but has nothing to wear Then i remember I’ve got one of my bf suites in the other room. As soon as he puts it on I can’t help let out a loud laugh lol , He looks like he’s swimming in it. I forget he’s shrimp size lol not Tall nor fit like my bf. Yes total shrimp, Look how little you are lol. Awe am i making you feel bad, ( I bear hug fanboy as I taunt him) Does this hurt lol. .. Oh Look guppy has a boner. I rub it hard with 2 fingers and make fun of his little pants bubble and then make him rub it before me. Now lets be real, you know you’d never be lucky enough to fuck a woman like me, ever lol assume your position, Drop down to your knees and hump my legs good bahahaha. thats as close to me or any woman as you’re ever going to get hahaha.
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