Jasmine Mendez - Glamazon Hypnosis

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Description: You feel yourself slipping into a deep slave coma...the continuous loss of control is really getting to you, really scaring you. You come crawling to me to tell me "it's over" and you don't want to be my slave anymore. LOL...but it's NOT over. Not until I say it is! I look SO amazing as I remind you who's REALLY in control here. Suddenly your worries melt away...you kneel before me, awestruck. You admire my long legs and sexy, seductive, curvy amazon body. It's impossible not to drift away as I coax you into submission, effortlessly putting you right back in your place. Before you know it you're telling me over and over that you're my slave again and will be FOREVER, as you're stroking away and trying your hardest to hold off an orgasm because all you want now is to linger in front of me, in this perfect moment for eternity...
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