Bratty Bunny - Give In and Ruin It

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Description: You are speaking 2 the camera and telling me that in order to serve u & be a good slave, I have 2 give up pussy forever. Tell me that u should be the only woman in your life, & since there’s no chance of me getting anywhere near your pussy, I have 2 swear to never have sex again. This also applies to oral sex, anal sex, and any other kind of sex. No blowjobs, no handjobs, no making out, no nothing–the only pleasure I get should be from serving u. If I have a wife or a girlfriend, I have 2 leave her. If I am dating someone, I have to break it off. If I am on any dating sites or going to bars or other events 2 meet women, I have to delete my profiles and stop going. Even my own masturbation is really just sex with myself, so I should have to ask permission 4 that. It is only natural that I should want 2 sacrifice the ultimate pleasure for you, so I have to swear that I am giving up my entire sex life for you. So I’ll have to try 2 remember the few times I’ve actually felt a mouth or a pussy on my pathetic dick–how warm and wet it was and how great if felt–because it is never happening again!
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