Natasha’s Bedroom – CBT Marathon

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Description: “I’ve held you in chastity for a full year, and now I am going to give you a reward. You have one chance – and only one chance – to orgasm. But you are going 2 have to earn it, and it won’t be easy. You risk a ruined orgasm if your sensitive, stimulation deprived dick cums too soon, and you’ll be put right back into your cock cage if you fail to follow my orders exactly. I’ll start with some edging and teasing that will drive you into horny desperation and leave you powerless – and then the real fun will start. You’ll perform painful, ballbusting tasks for me, impact play, rope torture, squeezing, punching… as I slowly strip and edge you dangerously close to orgasm. Each task will be harder n more painful than the last, but you want to cum so badly that you’ll have no choice but to comply. Will you make it all the way through? Can you handle the ball-destroying cost of orgasm?”