Natasha’s Bedroom - 12 Stroke Challenge

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Description: Have u been missing your sister now that you’re away at college? I have to admit that I’ve been missing you a ton, especially in a certain way. You’ll be home for Christmas soon, though. Well, I want 2 make sure that we have a very special holiday season together. I want us to fuck and fuck for hours, obviously, but I want us 2 be on the edge of having an orgasm the whole time – until u just cover me in more come than I can even imagine.Read less Since I know how excited we both get around each other, I think we should practice a little first. I’ll guide is through it, so just relax and unzip those pants. I need u to start stroking while I rub my clit and tell you about all the naughty little fantasies your little sis has been having about you…don’t cum yet! I am going to bring both of us right up 2 having an orgasm n then stop, over and over again, until we just want to scream. Trust me, though, it’ll pay off at the end. And you better not cheat, big brother! It’s hard for me, too – it turns me on so much 2 tease u n think about u watching my body – but just imagine how much fun we’ll be having together very soon
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