Natasha’s Bedroom - A Dozen Saved Loads: The Ultimate CEI Roulette Game

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Description: *You’ll need a dozen saved loads for this clip. They must be separated and either fresh or refrigerated – NOT frozen.** Back for more, cumslut? Or is this your first time eating a load for me? Either way, my 20 card CEI edging roulette game is certain to have you to swallowing eagerly for me. I know you can’t resist my body, my sweet and sensual voice, and my excruciatingly suspenseful game. There’s no doubt you’ll be swallowing like a pro during this CEI game. This game is seriously intense, and you will be swallowing load after load, regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an advanced cumslut. I’ll edge you to the brink again and again, forcing you to close your eyes and swallow whenever chance dictates.