Natasha’s Bedroom - Bachelorette Party Favor

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Description: My best friend is about 2 get married, and I’m planning a big bachelorette party 4 all the bridesmaids and a dozen of our closest friends. I want 2 make her last night of freedom count, so we are not going to some silly strip club. Instead, I have something a little more exciting in mind. Do u like how this big strap-on cock looks? So big and powerful jutting out from my curvy, feminine body. Do u want to get down on your knees and suck it? To feel it slide into your asshole, filling u up as I pound you hard? What about a room full of hot girls, each taking their turn ramming your holes, using and abusing you like our slutty little toy, just for our enjoyment? Let me see what a good strap-on slut you can be. Show me how much u want girl cock. Consider this your audition
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