Natasha’s Bedroom - Anal F1sting

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Description: Anal f1sting. It’s the holy grail of butt play. That incredible fullness as your f1st finally closes deep inside your asshole…it’s a sensation you’ve been dreaming of, fantasizing about, and aching for. And it’s something I’ve been fantasizing about as well; it’s unbelievable hot to see a guy surrender his entire asshole to his own f1st as I gently instruct him. So, today, we’re going to make both of our fantasies come true. We’ll start slowly, with just fingers, and then gently move up as your asshole begins to yield and stretch. You’ll be stroking throughout — I’ll pace your strokes to heighten the pleasure of anal penetration and help open up that tight hole of yours. We’ll move on to a buttplug, and then two separate dildos as I tease you with my lace lingerie. And then, the final step…
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