Luscious Lindsey - Allowing you To Cum

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Description: you know what to do to earn your orgasms. Pay, worship and hope that I give you permission. I'm really tired of you begging to cum when you know that you haven't earned it. So you want to cum so bad, I'll let you. It's not just going to be one quick and easy orgasm. I want four. you're going to stroke out four orgasms for Me and you're going to pay for each one of them. I want your dick to hurt. I want your wallet to hurt. Maybe then you'll learn your fucking place. I don't ever want you begging for an orgasm you don't deserve ever again. It's going to get much for worse than this if it happens again. For your sake, I hope you learn your lesson. Or not, either way I don't care. (Includes: JOI Games, Orgasm Control, coerced Orgasms, Humiliation, CBT, ETC)
Categories: Femdom POV
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