Luscious Lindsey - Caged On New Years

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Description: This is really only fair you start the New Year this way. your loser dick belongs caged. What's the point of ever letting it out? It's useless. Look down at it and lock it the fuck up. No one wants to deal with that. you don't have a real dick. 2017 is going to be a year for you to realize how gross your dick is. How useless your dick is. you should even be turned off by the site of that lump of useless flesh. Locking your dick up on the first day of the year is only what's right. Real dicks don't need to be locked up because they serve a purpose. What purpose does your dick serve? Hmmm? Go on try and think of just one actual purpose your dick has OTHER THAN YOUR OWN PLEASURE. That doesn't count. Oh, can't think of one, can you? Lock it up.
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