Natasha’s Bedroom - Humiliation Immersion

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Description: The rules of the game are simple: all you have to do is whatever I say. No matter how humiliation or debasing my instructions are, you simply obey. It’s that easy. Turn off your brain. I’m in the pilot seat now. You don’t need to think for yourself, because you’re no longer in control. You’re simply a puppet, and I am your puppet master. You have to admit, it feels so much better when I do the directing. Isn’t that right, loser boy? Stroke that cock. The hornier you are, the bigger of a loser u become. We’ll start out with a few easy humiliation tasks to get you started. You can barely believe how easy it is to comply. I’m so sweet and gently degrading that your mental barriers crumble away when you see my smile. Humiliating yourself for me feels only natural. You’re immersed in the humiliation mindset. The slow build up, the increasing intensity of my humiliating tasks, keeps you from realizing how far down the rabbit hole of humiliation you are falling. And you’ll fall so very deep.