Bratty Bunny - Leg Trance for Wife's Husband

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Description: Custom Clip - No Names - "Sitting on a couch, we begin to talk and than you make a phone call. While talking (to my wife discretely), you check and confirm that the plan should work when you notice me stare at your crossed legs and bouncing high heel. You hang up. Casual conversation ensues and while doing so, slowly move your crossed leg partially up and down, and sometimes with just your ankle going up and down. You notice that any movement draws my attention and if continuous, I start losing focus on what I'm saying and finding it hard and harder to look away. You can tell my excitement level because my leg bounces faster with my excitement level, and then of course my dick becomes super hard. You start to talk about what you are doing and see if I can understand, which I don't. You uncross and stop, and restart just to see how good this works and mess with me. When out of the trsnce, you tell me what control you have and bet me it can happen again. But the bet doesn't start till I take my dick out, otherwise you would tell my wife. So I do so but after doing that, you distract me with a different topic while putting me back in a trance. Falling into a trance with my hand on my dick, you tease me until I unknowingly start to stroke. You make me cum when you realize holding your crossed leg up and pointing shoe makes me most excited. you snap a photo and tell me I'll never ask my wife why she comes home late. Future blackmail to come!!"
Models: Bratty Bunny
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