Natasha’s Bedroom - Just Curious (1080p)

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Description: You're not gay. You're not even bisexual. If you were, you'd be watching videos of hot men fucking each other rather than my clips. You're just a little bit bi-curious, and that's totally normal. Who isn't curious about cock?Let your eyes flip back and forth between these giant dicks and my beautiful, round tits as I describe exactly what I'd like to watch you do with them. I think it's incredibly hot to seduce guys like you into exploring your sexuality, and I know how much you love to turn me on. As I give you a cum countdown and coerce you to stroke faster and faster while staring at those hard, bulging cocks, you don't need to worry that cumming for them is gay. Any guy who has been edging so hard for me could cum at the drop of a hat right now.And even though you feel your desire to suck cock growing to an unbearable level after watching this clip, it's definitely not gay. After all, I'm the one implanting these desires in your mind. It's not gay as long as it's all just for me.
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