Natasha’s Bedroom - Ego Annihilation

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Description: This is an intensely humiliating mental domination clip. It is not just cruel words thrown at u or a simple onslaught of verbal humiliation, but something far more intense. This video is a twisted journey that slowly breaks you down, one step at a time, using subtle suggestions and introspective tasks to annihilate your ego.Read less If you are not sure whether you can take it, then don’t buy this clip. You might not be able 2 handle this journey down the rabbit hole of self-realization, and you might never recover. I want you to be prepared. My tone is sweet, gentle, soft. After all, I do feel affection for you, affection that you can viscerally feel when you listen 2 my voice, when you gaze into my kind eyes & smiling face, and that makes it easy to let your guard down. But the sweetness just makes the underlying cruelty so much more brutal. It will hurt. You’ll likely cry. However, I want you to understand, I am not leading you down this path out of meanness or a gleeful spite. My ultimate goal is not 2 hurt u. This path of pain and shame is also a path of self-understanding & self-acceptance. There is catharsis waiting at the end. It is only once you honestly know yourself, without any delusions, that you’ll be able to assume your true place in the world.
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