Natasha’s Bedroom – Estrogen Cream Surprise

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Description: You thought u could get away with sneaking into my room, stepbrother? I know you have been masturbate off in my bed, going through my panties, & using my hand lotion as lube. But guess what? A few weeks ago, I decided 2 teach you a lesson. I switched out my lotion for highly concentrated estrogen cream, and each time u jerked off, those potent hormones seeped through your cock, into your bloodstream. They have been slowly transforming u from a masculine guy into a little girly girl. Read less You might have noticed that you’ve been going through some changes–nipples growing, dick shrinking, ass expandin, that is what extremely high doses of estrogen will do! Oh, don’t try to deny it, I can see your newly forming tits and soft feminine skin from here. Oh, you’ll stop perving on your stepsister? Haha, I do love to hear u beg, but it is 2 late for that. I let mom in on the secret, and we’ve come up with a little plan for u. We will send you away to a boarding school that specializes in these matters. You’ll spend the next year finishing your transformation into womanhood. Hormone treatments, surgeries, sexual reprogramming, cocksucking lesson, and that’s just the beginning. By the time u return home, no one will be able to tell that you’d ever been a boy.
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