Bratprincess - Alexa Amadahy, Lindsey - Shock and Abuse a Poor Pre Cum Producer (1080 HD)

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Description: End of shift approaches and poor cow’s losing its motivation. Three beautiful teasers surround it, and still the stats are dropping. It’s become a poor pre cum producer, fatigued n failing. There’s only one thing to do with an unproductive cow; shock n abuse it for fun! Once a cow has proven its unproductive, it no longer serves its purpose. Anything can happen to it at this point, since it has no profitable use. The teasers decide they want to torture it. They shock and abuse the unproductive cow for their own cruel amusement. The more they shock the poor producer, the worse its production gets. This enrages the greedy teasers even more, so they just keep shocking it. Amadahy wants to keep it on the bench the entire night with penalty shocks programmed to go off consistently during its usual rest period. Eventually, Amadahy n Lindsey get bored of toying with the cow. They decide that the worst punishment is simply to leave the cow alone, but Alexa decides to stay and play with it a little longer. Alexa sits full weight on the cow’s face and smothers it in her ass. Buried in Alexa’s ass, the poor pre cum producer finally gets a break from the shocks. Will the cow slowly start to rebuild its momentum and produce? Will Amadahy n Lindsey return with the tech slave and reprogram the software to shock the cow until the useless thing expires? The fate of the cow remains undecided; but one thing is certain: it will produce or it will suffer greatly at the hands of its sadistic captors.
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