Countess Crystal Knight - Vulnerable To My Power

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Description: I see u sitting at the bar all alone. You thought u could come here in hopes to find a woman that pity’s u so much she will let u stick it in. I can see it in your eyes, your very new to this. You have no game. Read less You couldn’t get anyones attention in the room if u tried, & then u realize their eyes….are all on me. I walk directly up to u, needing not say a word, u get up and follow me out to my drivers car. We both get in. I take u to my home, pour u a drink, and say I must freshen up and I’ll be right back. Make yourself comfortable. As soon as I am out of your sight u vision begins to blur…everything fades 2 black. When you awake, I am standing over you with a hot dominatrix outfit unlike anything you have seen. You were vulnerable to my power & now your going to submit and be my slave forever. Let me show u how this is going 2 go.
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