Reality Girls - Andi Page - Bully's Headscissors Knockout

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Description: Superstar Andi Page takes Thin Man to the mat in a headlock takedown, telling him "that's why you're not good." She gets on a more dangerous reverse headlock, telling him "she'll let him out "if you can get out." Andi is such a badass. Her powerhouse thighs crank out straight headscissors. He screams and taps in the legs of the girl he fears more than any he faces. A baseball choke -- first used here by Electra, one of the brightest stars and most incredible people we've ever worked with. Andi makes every hold brutally painful. She drags him by the neck and locks on her infamous rear naked choke. A seated figure four headscissors -- then a traditional figure four headscissors. A facesit by one of the best. Maria still talks about the day here Andi facesat her for what seemed forever but not long enough. A violet side headscissors taking the length of a couch, a heel to the balls and turns the move into lunges. But soon, he's in terror -- in Andi's side/throatscissors and is knocked out with a blast of her incredible legs. She talks for a few precious moments about her life of knockouts. She's a doll. More straight headscissors -- a reverse headlock -- violent rear naked chokes. A bow and arrow. He screams. She is "circling you like a shark." She gets him in a more reptilian hold, the rear naked choke that she refuses to release through his tapping until she decides she's ready.
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