Miss Noel Knight - Angel On Your Shoulder

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Description: I am the disapproving, but beautiful angel on your shoulder. I want you to be a good boy! Of course, you can’t be good unless you obey all the rules. That means you need to stop touching your naughty parts! I know, it’s hard for you. Temptation is everywhere. You male nature makes you needy, sinful and evil. I’m going to help you resist your wicked lust! We just have to practice. You just sit there, nice and still. You are not allowed to touch yourself at all. Not even one single fingertip will stray down to that erection! Now, I’m going to tease you with my resplendent feminine form and soft, seductive voice. If you fail, we’ll just have to do this over and over again, until you are strong enough to fight your feral urges. Be a good boy and resist….
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