Miss Noel Knight - Practice Makes Perfect

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Description: You are my newest little slave slut and I call you into to inform you that I will be having a party this evening. You’ve been so well behaved that I’ve decided I’m going to let you serve my guests. Of course, this isn’t any normal party. This party is designed to give my guests pleasure – both men and women. I know you’ve never sucked a dick before, so I’m going to give you a very thorough lesson on how to please a cock. You will suck, lick, sniff and deep throat. I expect to see an appropriate amount of enthusiasm. You will beg and plead for mouthful after mouthful of cum and if I hear that my guests are unhappy with your performance, I’ll make you suffer in ways you’ve never dreams of. Now, get your mouth on my strap-on boy! Practice makes perfect…
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