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Description: You have come to my clinic to participate in a simple human sexuality study. You’ve been chosen out of hundreds of applicants to be my human guinea pig. I tell you that today’s experiment is designed to observe straight men’s reactions to homoerotic images. I strap you down, and insert a probe to help me keep track of your arousal during the course of the experiment. Of course, with all of the simulation, and pornographic images I’m showing you, you can’t help but get a bit excited. Once I notice your erection, I begin to tease you about it, talking dirty and using my body to turn you on even more. All too soon, you’re blowing your load looking at images of cock. Once I’ve got you cumming for dick, I let the cat out of the bag – this isn’t just an experiment designed to observe; it’s an experiment designed to train. I’ll be conditioning straight men into cock loving fags and you are my first victim!
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