Miss Noel Knight - Lick It All Clean

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Description: Let’s talk about your deepest, darkest fantasy. I know what you jerk off to when you’re all alone. I know what makes you cum the hardest. It’s the idea of being forced to blow superior, alpha cock for me. Of course, we both know you’re not ready for that. Being a good cocksucker takes some practice and we need to start at square one. Today, we’ll be talking that first step! I’m going to make you jerk, hard and fast for me. I want you to associate pleasing cocks with pleasure, you see. You’ll need a nice, fat dido to shove into that wet little mouth while you stroke and when it’s time for you to cum, you’ll be spilling your load all over that fake plastic dick. Afterwards, you’ll be cleaning it with your tongue, licking it all clean like a good boy. Keep up the good work and it won’t be long before you’re getting a real dick in your mouth!
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