Miss Noel Knight - Caged Cuckold

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Description: It is the morning after one of my hot dates and I’ve come to give a rundown of all the action. Poor little man; while I’ve been getting fucked you’ve been locked away in the damp, dark dungeon all by your lonesome. Did you hear all of the moaning, sucking and fucking happening upstairs? Were u jealous of the cocks that got to feel my little pussy squeezing them so tight? Are you sad that, while I got all the pleasure I could possibly handle, your little clit stick remains untouched and chaste? The life of a cuckold is so hard. But I have got something to cheer you up! Here, sniff my lacy panties! Can’t you smell my sweet little cunt? How about my boyfriend’s cum? Would you like a taste of that? The come close and lick me clean…
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