Miss Noel Knight - Going Gay To Save The Marriage

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Description: I need to have a very serious talk with you dear. I think I want a divorce. Im just not happy with our marriage. Things have gotten so stale! Our sex life is awful. Youve always been a conservative guy, but since we tied the knot youve been a total missionary man. You know Im a kinky girl. I like to try new and dirty things. I just dont think were compatible anymore. Whats that? Youll try harder? Im not sure I believe you. If you want to keep this marriage alive then I want you to make my deepest, darkest fantasy come true. I want to see you fuck a guy! Well, actually, I want to see him fuck you. I want you to be dominated by big, buff leather daddy! I want you to suck his cock, choke down his cum and offer up your ass to be reamed out by his big cock. Can you do that for me, honey? If you want to save our relationship, youre going to have to go gay for me.
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