Miss Noel Knight - From Wife To Domme

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Description: In this clip I play your snotty, conservative wife. I call you into to have a very important chat. You’ve requested several times over the years that I act a bit more dominant in the bedroom. Until now, I’ve found your appeals totally appalling. A lady would never behave in such a way! However, I think I may have been a bit too hasty. I’ve been doing a little research and actually, the FemDom lifestyle is quite interesting. I love the idea of a man serving me, controlling his pleasure, dressing him up and showing him off. I think it’s really something I could get into! I purchased a few items to get us started and designed a set of rules specifically for you. From now on, I’ll be the head of the household and will be keeping you firmly in your place: on your knees, worshipping your wife!
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