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Description: "I've come to you my therapist to help me with my chronic masturbation to porn and premature ejaculation problem. To better assess the situation you tell me to show you my penis. I am reluctant but you eventually convince me to strip naked. You try to remain professional and stifle your laughter when I reveal my small uncircumcised penis. You attribute my premature ejaculation to my small size and the fact I'm uncircumcised makes my small penis extra sensitive You tell me how adorable my little uncut dick is and tell me to get an erection to see how big it gets. You encourage my little dick to grow bigger and put on a large strap-on comparing my little stiffy to your large dick. You order me to follow all your instructions and masturbate to the same pace as you stoke your strap-on to gain some stamina and that i cannot cum until you say. You stroke your big strap-on at various speeds encouraging my small uncircumcised penis throughout and taunting me about cumming prematurely. You begin stroking faster, teasing me with your cleavage and hot body encouraging me not to blow my load too soon. You make me beg to let me cum and agree to give me a countdown. You start furiously stroking your strap-on as i struggle to hold on until you reach 1. At the end I shoot a massive load and you are shocked that such a big load came out of such a small penis. To my horror you keep stroking your strap-on and force me to stroke through post cum torture to desensitize my tiny uncircumcised penis"
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