Goddess Harley - Whispered Commands

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Description: Here you are again at the strip club and you know the deal. you endure a two hour lap dance with me while I whisper gay suggestions in your ear. I’ll have your brain so warped that you’ll unable to remember a thing tomorrow. which is good because later, your gonna be sucking dick for me out back by the dumpster making cash for me again. And tomorrow you won’t remember a tyhing excpt you need to come back here for more lap dances. Do it faggot, just touch your lips to that man,s dick and give it a big kiss for me. Go on… pucker up and look him in the eye. I want your eyes to say "thank you daddy" when your lips touch the head of his alpha Cock. Lean in… that’s it… and Muah… your gay, haha. Awe, see faggot, that wasn’t too hard. You even look gayer now…
Models: Goddess Harley
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