Miss Noel Knight - Scissorhold And Smother

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Description: I’ve caught you staring at my sexy legs and ass once again. I know you can’t help yourself. After all, my long, strong legs and juicy round ass are utterly irresistible. However, as a grown man you should know that staring is rude. As a submissive you should know that only the worthy are allowed to gaze upon my perfection. So, obviously, you’ll need to be punished and today, I’m letting the punishment fit the crime. You wanted my legs and ass so bad? Well now you’re going to get them. I’m going to wrap my thighs around your neck and squeeze. You’ll be gasping for air and absolutely amazed and how powerful and strong I am. Of course, I’m not finished there. After that, I’m going to slowly lower my sweet curvy bottom onto your face, covering you mouth and nose. I won’t be happy until you’re and fully understand the error of your ways.
Categories: Femdom POV
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