Miss Noel Knight - The Bimbo Inside You

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Description: I want to get to know you very, very well. I want to learn all your deepest secrets. I want to know your desires, the things you long for in your heart of hearts. I know it can be a bit scary, exposing yourself this way, so how about I help you relax little bit before I explore your mind? I lead you through a deep breathing and visualization exercise which leaves you in a cathartic trance. To my delight I discover your gender transformation fantasy. Under my suggestion, you watch your body chance, becoming lush, curvaceous and perfect. You are the epitome of feminine beauty. The sexier and more girlish you become, the more your will to think and reasons drains away. Sooner you are left as nothing more than a sex-starved bimbo. I make you experience your first orgasm as a woman, knowing that after just one powerful, feminine release you’ll be totally addicted. You don’t want to give this up. You want to embrace your true form as a coquettish bimbo slut! That desire will follow you everywhere, even after you’re awake. It will grow stronger and stronger until you are ready to embrace who you really are. And then? You know where to find me…
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