Goddess Harley - Life As A Party Favor

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Description: Look at you, locked in a crate… a crate on wheels, hahaha! Bitch you have a new job, one I have specially picked just for you. I’ve read your journal as well as viewed your hard limits, the one thing you said you would never do is suck cock. Wow, you have seen my clip store, you have watched my videos and yet you still don’t know me at all. I live for this very thing Hard limits are the very thing I seek to find and cross, you pain is my pleasure, in fact it is the only pleasure you can hope to offer me. So why the box, why the chains fastening you in place, why the mouth gag making you to open wide? Why is your face strapped to the only hole in the box, there??? … not to provide you air but access to the one thing you said you would never do! Oh and the added bonus of a shock harness to your balls, of which I carry the remote! Enjoy your life as my party favor… oh and your soon to be spunk addiction.
Categories: Femdom POV
Models: Goddess Harley
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