THE MEAN GIRLS - Goddess Harley, Goddess Nikkole - Penis Salute

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Description: This was hilarious. My friend Goddess Harley has never beaten a slave before. (She didn’t even know there WAS such a thing nowadays!) But I opened her eyes. I make this loser kneel before us with its penis kept SUPER hard for us at ALL TIMES! It MUST keep a hard on for us- ALWAYS! No matter HOW much we beat it! Haha. We crop the SH*T out of its cock and balls. We even CAN its ass. But it HAS to stay hard the ENTIRE TIME- or else it will ONLY GET WORSE! LOL. Harley had SO much fun abusing this loser.Watch the video to see if it could maintain its “penis salute” for us the entire time while we abused and laughed at it! -Goddess Nikkole
Categories: Femdom Ballbusting
Models: Goddess Harley