Amazon Goddess Harley - Sissigasm Seminar

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Description: Ok listen up slave, I am booking accommodations at the next porn convention & I need a couple slaves 2 go with me. Specifically, I need a loser that I can use at the 2 hour seminar I am giving at the banquet room in the afternoon. If I choose you I’m gonna be passing you off as a sissy orgasm expert. I am gonna dress you up like a ridiculous whore & shove you out on stage as the authority on sissy orgasms like a sissy faggot. Your gonna have to give them all the pointers on the two finger jerk off as well as all the super gay mannerisms. Ya know, like limp wristing in the throws of ecstasy… licking your lips like a hungry whore… batting your eyes while begging daddy for his alpha cock. All that stuff. Let’s practice! Get your limp wrist goin on… or do u want me to put you in a metal brace & make your arms and wrists bent like a pansy for the next week. That’s what I thought now tousle your hair n show off that limp wrist as u tell the Audience what a pansy masturbater u r. Tell them how you masturbate like a sissy while staring at my pictures. Tell them… you say “I am a sissy fag that likes to play with my sissy clit!” I love my pink panties.
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