Miss Noel Knight - You Can Be My Girl

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Description: I received your slave application. I thought it was adorable! You should know that I normally don’t entertain the idea of dominating men. I am a lesbian through and through. Cocks disgust me and I find me to appalling to endure. Your application was so sincere and sweet, however. I can tell you have a true slave heart. So, I’ll willing to allow you onto my compound where you will serve me and all of my dominant female friends under one condition. You must become a woman. I describe this process in great detail. You are hanging on my every word, totally entranced by my presence. You don’t notice that I’ve prepared an injection until I slipped the needle into your neck. I laugh as you slip on to the floor and into a deep sleep. Don’t worry, darling! By the time you wake up, you’ll be in your new home and we’ll have begun the process of turning you into my perfect slave girl!
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