Miss Noel Knight - You Will Never Cum Again

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Description: You wake up to find me, your girlfriend peering over you with a nasty little smile on my face. I explain that I’ve made a rather unpleasant discovery. Last night I got a call to come and pick up from the bar where you had been drinking. You told me that you were out with the boys, but low and behold I find that you were out with some slut. No man will ever cheat on me! Now there’s hell to pay. I show you that I’ve locked your little dick into a cock cage. That chastity belt is escape proof and I’ve got the only set of keys. I’ve decided, as punishment, that you’re never going to be allowed to cum again. Don’t worry; I don’t really want to harm. So when you are balls need to be emptied, I will be using a nice, thick prostate stimulator to milk you. You won’t feel any pleasure, but you’ll be kept perfectly healthy. After all, I need you in peak condition so that you can work very, very hard at earning my forgiveness…
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