Miss Noel Knight - Turning You Into My Cockwhore

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Description: I don’t think you understand how powerful I am. I can do anything I want to you. I can alter you in any way I chose. I can even turn you into a cock-hungry faggot. You don’t believe me do you? Challenge accepted, slave boy. I am going to subject you to some intense brainwashing techniques, designed to link your pleasure experience to cock. By the time you are finished with today’s jerk session, you will have dick on the brain. Once, I’ve planted that seed, there will be no going back. Every time u masturbate you will think of sucking, licking, and fucking a huge, hard piece of man meat. You will imagine emptying a massive pair of ball right on your face, swallowing down a fat load of cum. You won’t even be able to orgasm without thinking about pleasuring a cock like a little bitch. Soon, you’ll be nothing but a nasty little cockwhore.
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