Miss Noel Knight - Only For Me

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Description: You love me, don’t you? You want me, lust after me, You certainly crave me more than your fat, ugly wife. You love me more than porn. You need me more than any of the other little sluts your flirt with. That is because I know who you really r. Read less I know that u crave domination & humiliation. I am generous enough 2 indulge all your silly little perversions. No other woman can make you eat out of the palm of her hand like me. That is why, from now on, all your orgasms belong to me. You can even cum with your dumb farm of a spouse anymore. All of your pleasure is mine! It is mine to control & mine to deny. Now get that cock out * start stroking, baby. I’m going to force u to empty those aching balls before I send u home to your little wifey…
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