Miss Noel Knight - Bedpan Punishment

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Description: In this clip I play the disgruntled nurse who has had it up to here with your nasty little accidents. A grown man wetting himself is so disgusting! Aren't you embarrassed? I put you in a diaper to teach you in a lesson and am shocked to discover that you actually like it. You're one of those closet perverts with a body function obsession. It seems you've been making me and my nursing staffs clean you up all week because that's how you get off. How gross! It looks like I'm going to have deliver a harsher punishment in order to get my point across. You love Pi$$, huh? Well, I'm going to give it to you. You're going to be my personal bedpan and I'm going to pour my golden nectar right down your throat. Let's see it you still love it after you get a nice big mouthful!
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