Xev Bellringer - Severe Semen Backup

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Description: Oh my goodness, is…is that your erection pressing through the blankets?? It’s just so much harder and… bigger than I’ve ever seen. I must say, you have the most severe case of excessive semen production I’ve encountered in this field. Don’t worry, I’m expertly skilled with my hands…I’ll do whatever it takes to drain you.Your cock must be incredibly sensitive, how does that feel? Don’t hesitate to cum, you can expect a minimum of five successive orgasms without breaks. This is the only way to– Ohh!! Oh my…you shot your load all over my face. No no, it’s OK, you’re making progress. Let’s go again. I bet you like the idea of drenching your slutty doctor in cum…don’t you? Come on then, do it again.
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