Xev Bellringer - Mommy’s Date Night

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Description: Are you busy? I have a favor to ask… Mommy’s really nervous about her date tonight. You have a lot of experience with the ladies, please tell me what to do so I don’t embarrass myself. I suppose I’m pretty stressed out about the prospect of having sex again. It’s been…a really long time, maybe you could just describe what girls do that you enjoy.Oh honey, that’s so naughty! So…you mean, move my hand like this? Does that feel good? I can’t believe just doing this would make you hard that quickly. Can…Can I try something, sweetie? Mmm, you feel so good rubbing against Mommy’s pussy…it’s been such a long time. Tell me what the girls do during your dates…do they let you suck on their big, soft breasts like this?You’ve reignited a passion in me sweetie, you are the best son a mother could ask for. But I have one more favor to ask…I need to have your cock inside me now.
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