Xev Bellringer - Your Personal Fuck Toy

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Description: You must be pretty surprised to see me in your room again…draped over your bed wearing this sexy little number. It’s not the worst thing to come home to after work, is it? You could get used to a warm welcome like this every day… The thing is, I don’t feel my last reward expressed my full gratitude for your continued support. Not to mention those pictures you’ve been sending me… of you fucking the sex toys that I begged you to buy. Lets just say they replaced my porn…and gave me some interesting ideas. I assume you enjoyed my little thank you from a few weeks ago… so I thought it couldn’t hurt to up the ante. You see, I came hard watching your cock fill those rubber fuck holes… I fantasized about you using me in the same way. So here I am. As the ultimate show of appreciation, I offer my body to you… to use in whatever way pleases you most. ALL of my holes belong to you now…for an entire month.
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