Tara Tainton - While Your Sister and Her Boyfriend Fuck

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Description: I’ve been looking for you… what are you doing just standing out here in the hallway? OH! Is that your sister moaning? Is she having sex with her boyfriend in her bedroom!?! Those two… I just can’t control that girl. If it wasn’t for her huge tits, I wouldn’t have this problem. Well, at least she’s responsible, and she’s certainly old enough but… well, look at u! Standing out here, listening to your sister’s moaning, with a hard on! You should not be listening! But I can’t have you sitting there in your room with an erection, thinking about your sister… So, well, I think they are going to be at it for a while… just get it over with. Yes, right now! I am going to stay right here until you take care of that. You just need to jerk off & get it out of your system. Go ahead. You’re going to masturbate right here in front of me!
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Models: Tara Tainton
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