Tara Tainton - Taking You to the Darkest Depths of Your Own Depravity

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Description: Let’s not waste any time. I want u to relax… just lie back, rest your weary body, and focus on the sound of my voice… I am going to spend a lot of time with you, really focus on guiding you toward a deep trance, digging into your subconscious and replacing your thoughts with my own. Once fully under, I’m going to deepen your arousal with trigger words and commands you have no choice but to follow. I’m going to make you worship & adore me, drive you completely under my spell, and not let you touch your cock until I’m ready for you to. Yes, you’ll have to wait, again and again. I’m going to drive you to the edge before I even allow you to touch yourself. When you’re THAT turned on, when you are almost driven mad with desire, I am going to let you touch yourself… under certain conditions, of course. You’re going to do it my way… bringing yourself to the edge and stopping yourself to dissipate your arousal again. And when I have you so vulnerable, so under my control in every way, just what may I do with you? Take advantage of my power, of course. I am going to humiliate you, talk down to you, drive you to do more ridiculous actions to demonstrate your depravity, and make sure you know just how much of a sexual pervert you actually are. This is not for the feint of heart. This session is for those who know how un-normal they really are. I know just how to make you feel completely foolish, stripped of all dignity, and bucking like a demented lunatic. And u KNOW you love it. BUY NOW to experience mind fuck, mental domination, orgasm control, masturbation instruction, humiliation, female domination, lingerie, tease & denial, dirty talk, trash talk, goddess worship, side boob, legs, high heels …and the exclusive, intensely intimate experience of being with ME. BONUS: Download your pick of dirty stories now. Add to your experience with erotic reading – written by my sexy little sister – and designed to blow your mind and help you get off in a flash; get the erotic stimulation you can enjoy anywhere, anytime, and completely undercover. You know you deserve it.
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Models: Tara Tainton